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Then there’s our panel of experts: In addition to myself, Lauren Dragan, we had Brent Butterworth, a Wirecutter A/V writer with decades of experience in the audio field for publications such as About.com, Home Theater, Sound & Vision, and many others; John Higgins, a session musician, sound editor, and occasional Wirecutter writer with a music master’s degree from the University of Southern California; and Geoff Morrison, A/V editor here at Wirecutter and writer for CNET, Forbes, and Sound & Vision, with over a decade and a half of audio and video reviewing under his belt.

I occasionally get emails from people who tell me that they aren’t too picky about sound quality; they just want headphones that work well enough, don’t cost much, and can take a phone call without sounding terrible. Maybe you just need something to listen to podcasts while walking the dog or doing housework, or a spare pair of headphones to keep in your bag.

We also tested 17 more earbud pairs and added them to the Competition section, and we inserted some long-term testing notes to address reader concerns about build quality.

Overall, none of our panelists were thrilled with the sound quality of any of the choices in this price range, so if you find sound quality to be a top priority, you’ll need to spend more money.

I have found numerous references to this article, in the November 1998 American Journal of Nursing but I have no way to access this article and cannot find a good free source for this.

If anyone out there has access to this I would be interested to hear or see the information in this article.

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We now have a new runner-up, the Latitude EP-B40 headphones from Aukey.

Information I have found out about this being a subject is that when a patient used a thin layer of petroleum jelly on their lips due to dryness from the oxygen that the oxygen from a oxygen device to provide the patient with oxygen can cause the petroleum jelly can cause a gas that when combined with oxygen can become very there are many reports if this in a surgical rooms versus not many report from patient floor rooms.

Could this be from a lack of people reporting this problem, I don't know but I think it's a interesting subject because I see vaseline and Carmex used a lot to moisten the lips of patients on oxygen.

How many others of you have heard this information, maybe this should be put on a new Myth Buster's show.

So I started looking around a bit and have came across some posting on nursing sites about whether this is a myth or not.

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