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However, the PVH is required for glucoprivation to promote feeding and corticosterone release while shutting down reproduction.

Thus, loss of hypothalamic NPY circuits may increase brainstem NPY projections and PVH sensitivity to NPY.

The hypothalamus and higher order areas also process this sensory information to refine behavioral and metabolic responses.

However, any urgent physiological need will require a multifaceted response organized by a neural control center.

neurons from the PVH project widely throughout the brainstem.

The rat PVH contains two major sections, the parvocellular ("small cell") and the magnocellular ("large cell") divisions.

Keywords: Corticotrophin releasing hormone, hypothalamus, leptin, oxytocin, paraventricular nucleus, thyrotropin releasing hormone How to cite this URL: Hill JW. Indian J Endocr Metab [serial online] 2012 [cited 2018 Jan 11];16, Suppl S7-36. 2012/16/9/627/105581To survive and procreate, a biological organism must manage energy resources effectively.

When food is abundant, animals can maintain a larger body size, produce and care for many offspring, and expend energy on recreational activity.

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