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A confused struggle then ensued among the remaining Ghuri leaders, and the Khwarizmi were able to take over the Ghurid Sultanate in about 1215.

Though the Ghurids' empire was short-lived and petty Ghurid states remained in power until the arrival of Timurids, Mu'izz's conquests laid the foundations of Muslim rule in India.

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Columbus arrived in Antigua in 1493, marking the beginning of the historic era; however, there is no indication from early written sources that Europeans had contact with indigenous peoples.

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Antigua has received much attention from archaeologists since the mid twentieth century, so its pre-colonial history is well known relative to many other Caribbean islands.

The 7 point golden sun of the Antigua & Barbuda flag represents the dawn of a new era.

The transition to this status took place on February 27, 1967, under a new flag.

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That original board may now be seen as an exhibit at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

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